The Hickory Story


The Hickory Story, what a journey. It’s still going! Opening a street and american bbq joint on Tamborine Mountain (WTF?)

After 4 months of renovating an old Thai/Mexican place (interesting combo), filling our new space with timbers, a stone top bar, chesterfield seating and some crazy pig art – we were finally ready to open. Mid February 2016 our doors opened to over 100 very interested people, ready to party.

Here’s a photo of where it all started…

And party they did. The first place on the Mountain to seriously offer cocktails and fine beverages, matched in with our dry rubbed Ribs = time to feast.


These guys are a little special to us. Each day, we look at our bookings (Please book!) and figure out how many racks we have to slow cook during the day. Each rack is dry rubbed by hand with our special blend of spices and salts. They’re then all wrapped up and roasted to draw all those lovely oils to the surface of the pork. At 5pm these beauties are then tender and half ready to be devoured. When we receive your rack order, we then baste our Mama Specs special sauce lovingly onto your ribs. These are then grilled (both sides), caramelising the sauce into the surface of the pork giving a sticky finish to the pork. Finally, we slather a thin layer of fresh Mama Specs sauce on, to add a little zest to the end product. Finito! All up, it takes around 5 hours of preparation and cooking to place that scrumptious rack onto your plate.
PS, we only use farm raised pork and choose the finest spices in our rubs.


Our newest addition to the Hickory Feast experience. Imagine a shovel, and just scoop all the awesome seafood that lives down there at the bottom – and then grill these beauties in the way that only Hickory knows how. Massive prawns, squid, live cooked mussels and baby octopus. Need we say more. This dish took almost 6 months of love to get it exactly perfect for you. And yes, it is served on a shovel 


Again with a unique blend of salts and spices, these chickeny little morsels of yum are fried,  basted and grilled to serve – straight to you!
Our potatoes are real! Like real potatoes, par boiled then oiled, salted and rosemary’d. Back into the oven and roasted to serve.
Our greens are local and organic. We find what’s in season, chop it up – dress it and serve to you.


We take mixology pretty seriously (At least for Tamborine Mountain). Each week, we find fruits and flavours currently in season and build mixed beverages to match. Our fixed list of cocktails will definitely keep you entertained, but if you’re feeling adventurous, ask our bar person what they’re currently researching… and have a go 


We take great pride in hiring only the best youngsters on Tamborine Mountain. Working at Hickory ‘isn’t just another job’ and these guys shine in both their amazing service, great food and brilliant team work. Running a restaurant/bar isn’t for the light hearted, and we’re proud as punch of what they’re doing.


Good question. Simply put, a small group of peeps (Us) saw a massive gap in evening offerings for people to eat and drink on Tamborine Mountain. We put a few dollars together, renovated ourselves, trained staff ourselves, wrote menus ourselves and pretty much hacked everything together to create a venue we’d like to go to ourselves. We’re not in it for ‘da money’, but see Hickory as part of the greater solution in making the Mountain more social. Come feast, celebrate and make Hickory a little part of your heart too.