Hickory drinks menu

At Hickory, we pride ourselves on matching great tasting beverages to the slow cooked meats and delights from our food menu. While the below shows you some of our regular drinks, we also have special beers, wines and cocktails that appear magically – and disappear just as fast. Always ask us if we’re hiding anything ‘off the menu’ for a adventurous treat. Our new cocktails and inventions are published through Facebook and Insta. Check out our food menu.

Taps Pot     Schooner    Pint

Fortitude Summer $6.5 $8.5 $10.0 (4.5% Similar taste to Pacific Ale IBU 20)

Roots and Leaves Ginger $6.5 $8.5 $10.5 (3.5% An amazing thirst quencher)

Fortitude Pale Ale $7.0 $9.0 $10.5 (5.5%  An aggressive American pale ale IBU 35)

Noisy Minor Bad Wolf Imperial IPA $8.5 $12.5 (8.8% Overnotes of caramel and passionfruit  IBU 60+)

Hickory Select Craft Beer Bottles

Mountain Goat Organic Steam Ale 4.5% $9.0

Monteiths – Pointers Pale Ale 4.2% $8.0

Gage Roads Atomic Pale Ale 4.7% $9.0

Stone & Wood Pacific Ale 4.4% $9.5

Strumans Organic Lager – 4.6% $8.0

Matilda Bay Beez Neez Honey Wheat Beer 4.7% $8.5

O’Briens – Gluten free pale ale 4.5% $9.0

White Rabbit Dark Ale 4.9% $9.5

Two Birds – Sunset Red Ale 4.6% $9.5

Thomas Cooper’s Selection Celebration Ale 5.2% $8.0

Endeavour Reserve Pale Ale 4.5% $9.0

Burleigh Brewing My Wife’s Bitter – English Ale 4.8% $8.5

A Lighter Palate

Gage Road Mid Strength 3.5% $7.0

”The Hills Cider” Adelaide Hills Hand Crafted 5% ABV $9.0


House Bubbles $8.5

Bottle fermented NV Methode Traditionelle Fine Bead, creamy palate of melon and white peach

Mt Tamborine Winery, Anni’s bubbles $35 Crisp and fresh displaying hints of peach and nectarine characters.



House Dry White $8 Sem Sav Blanc 2017 Crisp, clean, fresh & fruity

House Chardonnay $8 Rich creamy stone fruit characters

Brancott Estate Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017 $9.5 $32 Crisp, classic Sav Blanc


House Dry Red $8 Rich ripe plum, cherry & berry fruit with soft tannins

Rose, Deep Woods Margaret River Harmony Rosé 2016 $36 Award Winning dry style

Tempus Two Cabernet Merlot 2016 $35 Limestone Coast Gold Medalist

Windy Peak Victorian Pinot Noir 2017 $12 $40 Ripe cherry, strawberry and subtle spice

Red Knot McLaren Vale, Shiraz, 2016 $42 Deep rich dark plum & cherries w spice

Hey! Did you know that you can take a half finished bottle of wine home?


Hickory COCKTAIL Inventions

The Ginger Pirate

Hickory Barrel Rum, Sailor Jerry, fresh limes, a splash of cloudy apple and topped with loads of ice & boozy ginger beer.  $19

Afternoon Delight

Bombay Sapphire Gin, Solerno orange liquor, loads of ice and topped with cranberry and soda. Refreshing til the end.  $17

The Dirty Spoon

Spooned Nutella, Baileys, Kahlua & Frangelico on ice. Dusted w chocolate. $16 /extra spoon $2

The Mountain Wallflower

Tamborine Distillery Limoncello, Small Batch Husk Gin shaken on ice & served with wheels of lime and fresh mint, topped with a splash of traditional lemonade. $22

The Hickory Bounty

Creme de Cacao, Malibu and Baileys, rimmed with Nutella & shredded coconut. $18

The Mountain Mule

A pint sized copper mug, filled with ice and Smirnoff Vodka, the juice of a whole fresh lime and topped w Roots & Leaves Ginger Beer. $20

The Kraken Iced Tea

Kraken Rum, Hickory Barrel Rum and Stolen Gold, smashed into Lemon Iced Tea. Pirate Rum Times ahoy! $22

The Hickory Mojito

Fresh limes, mint and brown sugar muddled into our Hickory barrel rum and bacardi. $18

Lychee Martini

Belvedere Vodka, Lychee liquor and preserved lychees. Sip, sit and savour. $18

Or ask our bar staff to make your favourite!

Non Alcoholic – Mocktail

Pineapple juice, grenadine, fresh lime and cloudy apple – $12 / Soft drinks – $6 / Juices – $7

Spirits & Aperitifs

Hickory Barrels House blended pirate rum, w a touch of tawny $8.0

Bundaberg $7.0

Sailor Jerry World renowned spiced rum $10.0

Beenleigh Local, robust – no punches held $8.0

Bicardi Blanc Classic white rum $7.0

Stolen Gold Rum Caribbean style $11.0

The Kraken The mother of all our rums $15.0

Jim Beam $7.0

Chivas Regal $10.0

Jack Daniels $8.0

Monkey Shoulder Cheeky Whisky $9.0

Canadian Club On the rocks, or w a splash of ginger $9.0

Hog Bourbon $9.0

Makers Mark $9.0

Johnny Walker $7.0

Dimple $15

Nant Tasmania’s finest. God level whisky $25.0

Bardinet XO brandy $10.0

Napoleon Brandy $9.0

Smirnoff $7.0

Belvedere Smooth, full flavoured vodka $11.0

Hipposcampus Western Australia’s finest. Stunning vodka $15.0

Londons $7.0

Hendricks Our favourite, w tonic and a slice of cucumber $12.0

Tanqueray Classic, quality London style gin $9.0

Bombay Floral aromatic gin $9.0

Espolon Tequila For the brave hearted. $10.0

Absinthe Be gentle, best w a touch of water or sugar $12.0

Pernod On ice w a touch of water. Classic Pastis $9.0

Buller Tokay Great way to finish a meal. $10.0 / 60ml serve

The King Tawny aged Smooth aged port $10.0 / 60ml serve

Contreau Classic orange liquor $9.0

Solerno Stunning premium orange liquor $10.0

Chambord A mouth full of berries. On ice, w lime $9.0

Campari Beautiful and dry. Great on ice or w soda $7.0

Chinzano Rosso Dry and winey $7.0 / 60ml serve

Baileys Creamy and dreamy. Great idea for dessert $8.0

Frangelico Hazelnut liquor $8.0

Paraiso Lychee liquor. On ice, w lime $8.0

Malibu Coconut liquor $8.0

Kahlua Coffee liquor $8.0