A Little Hickory Everywhere!

We all love Hickory. But some of us really really love Hickory. So much so, that we open up a little bit of Hickory in our neck of the woods.

If you’re keen to open a Hickory, we’ve many different options to help you out.
In its simplest form, we help with interior design and fit out, recipes, menus, training, merchant facilities and marketing.
But we can also help with leases, logistics, business planning and staffing solutions.
(We have interest from very high traffic areas looking for Hickory placement, please enquire if this is of interest)

Hickory can be designed to cater to both lunch and dinner trade – either as a licensed or unlicensed venue.
We’re also quick and flexible regarding marketing collateral which is imperative when managing brands in multiple locations.

So jump on board the Hickory ship.
Submit your enquiry to smoked@hickoryslow.com.au